I dreamt she shot my dog. She shot a bullet right through Lido. Then she attempted to shoot me, but I was able to knock her down and call the police. There was nothing to instigate the shooting. She just became deranged. She then escaped from Prison and began killing everyone that was close to her, and I knew she was coming for me. Thankfully, I was able to call my friends to protect me, but they weren’t all able to keep watch all the time. On a night where I had only one active guardian friend, she arrived. Not able to reach my gun in time (and for some reason unable to locate it), and with my friend fully armed and ready to shoot, I grabbed the nearest weapon. It was a machete. She came down the stairs, with knife in hand. She was there to rip me apart. I offered her a chance to surrender at the end of my bald. She then attempted to slice me and nearly missed. I drove the machete through her throat. As she lay bleeding and dying she still kept swinging at me to try and take me down with her. I began to hack away at anything that have her mobility. And stab at her heart and head until She stopped moving. After the incident. I stood on a hill, having now secured my safety, and knowing that my dog and my friends all lived through the ordeal I felt safe and secure so I dropped the Machete and went for a walk on a hill to contemplate and probably cry over what had just happened. Then I woke up to the music of my alarm. It was horrible. I’ve never killed anything in a dream, let alone a person. To take a life, even in self defense, and even with justification, I imagine must be a horrible thing and I hope I never have to do it. #dreamjournal

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